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English Breakfast

Typical English breakfast in the pupils` café

Well, a fry-up, that's what we were planning to prepare together. And it worked out surprisingly well with 30 pupils and 6 hotplates (big thanks to Ricardo who made the whole thing work ... and I'm not only referring to the two additional hotplates!). You can imagine that logistics were more demanding than frying the eggs!

OStRin Petra Zehentmeier

Pupils' comments:

  1. "The English breakfast was delicious, we had fried eggs, bacon, sausages, toast and baked beans with tomatoes and , of course, ketchup. Sometimes there was a little chaos, but in the end we were all full and had cleaned the room together. Mr Baumgartl, Mrs Vogel, Mrs Busse, Mrs Helfrich, Mrs Hanowski, Mrs Fuhrmann and Mrs Sixt tasted our breakfast . They said it was fantastic, so we are all happy. Mrs Zehentmeier and Mrs Kästner helped us , thanks."
  2. "Heute machten wir ein großes englisches Frühstück. Es war lecker, aber sehr fett und ungesund."
  3. "Some pupils didn't eat anything, they just wouldn't test.....
  4. "Wir haben die Pfannen brutzeln lassen, bis jeder von uns pappsatt war...."