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A sketch in the English language

Seyma and her friends.

Take out your exercise books and write down the homework for tomorrow!”

Who doesn´t know this sentence?

Some pupils from class 5D think they get too much homework. But they have a plan. To change this, they try to play a trick on their teachers. They say they are all very tired because they have to do their homework till eleven o´clock in the evening every day. But Mrs Altmann-Hessel, Mrs Jeßberger, Mr Saal and Mrs Philipp see through the pupils´ trick. They have an idea, too.

In the end, everyone is happy: the pupils and the teachers.



The pupils and their plan

Doing a play in your mother tongue is difficult, doing it in a foreign language is even harder. Yet the whole class 5D took part in the preparations and the play itself. The girls and boys created very nice posters for our sketch, learnt their parts very well and gave a very good imitation of their teachers. – The audience liked it.

Very well done, class 5D!

Thanks a lot to all of you for the creative ideas! - No homework for today!